Fluctuating the same 3 pounds like me?

It’s time to buckle down on the diet during quarantine

I keep hearing this question, “when will it get back to normal?” It meaning school, life, relationships, college, the grocery store, restaurants, bars, beaches, trails…..the list goes on and on. We have been at this now for over a month and what used to be routine, is now considered obsolete. I can’t believe I ever took for granted that the grocery shelves would be filled with every item I would need at the exact moment I wanted it. It is shocking, really, to think it has just been a month. It feels like an eternity since I was able to hug my parents or sit on their porch and catch up on life. I would like to think that I will not take that time for granted again. 

Other routines have gone by the wayside as well. But on the flip side of that, some good habits have been established as a result of all this quarantining. Taking walks is no longer a chore that must be done but a reprieve from work or boredom. Yoga and mindfulness moments are not something I should probably do someday but done with excitement and eagerness. I started working from home this week. Talk about a change in routine! Suddenly all 4 of us are Zooming our way, quite literally, through the days. Today I took my work phone along with my personal phone and headed out the door for a lunchtime walk in the neighborhood and it felt amazing! 

Another benefit to being at home, I had a much easier time making my MR shakes and muffins having access to the kitchen at home, but it is a little bit harder to not be tempted by what the others in the house are eating. In my office at work I do not have any temptations, just MR and pudding mixes to make my shakes. Here, the kitchen is full and I can hear every snack that the others in the house are getting. The attack of the Lays potato chips that just occurred by a family member was a tough one! Making hot tea helps me when I am sinking into a pity party of what I “really” want to eat. I drink A LOT of hot tea these days! 

As wonderful as the team at Arkansas Health and Nutrition have been (AND THEY ARE WONDERFUL), making sure we get our MR via pickup or delivery, I really do miss the accountability that I had going inside to weigh. I have noticed myself getting more and more comfortable eating off track on the weekends, then getting back on the 5 a day routine Monday morning. What does this do for my weight loss? Not much as I seem to be losing and gaining the same 3 pounds! I need to bet back to setting weekly goals for myself not just with my exercise, but with my eating as well. It is interesting how quickly giving yourself grace can morph into excuses for eating like crap! I am trying to remember that I did this not for a number on the scale, but numbers in my health and that giving in to eating junk on the weekends is not going to help me achieve that goal. 

Just like my weight loss journey is not an overnight fix, neither is this world, where pandemics occur, going to be “normal” any time soon. It is up to me to make this time work for my goals. So this week, I recommit myself to following my MR plan, staying active each day, and reminding myself that food is not a reward or a punishment. It’s just food.