The Best Of Two Worlds—Discounted! 

One of the things that sets Arkansas Health & Nutrition apart from other weight-loss programs is that it is medically supervised. Dr. Charles Smith oversees your labs and overall progress. He also runs Dr. Smith Direct Care private practice, which provides accessible, personalized, high-quality direct care at an affordable price.

Losing weight and losing weight rapidly comes with health risks, which is why we so strongly believe in medical supervision of our program. Dr. Smith will perform the initial labs and medical visit before starting our program,, as well as follow-up labs about 4-5 weeks after to ensure all of your labs are normal. If they aren’t within the normal ranges, we can help you modify your diet, or he can advise your next steps. 

We have worked with Dr. Smith to come up with an offer for you to take advantage of his direct care practice, in addition to the supervision you get with our program. Membership with Dr. Smith Direct Care has many benefits, including a more direct relationship with your doctor. 

  A few benefits of membership at Dr. Smith Direct Care:

  • More time during office visits to talk with Dr. Smith and address all of your concerns
  • More time responding to online questions or phone calls.
  • 24/7 access to Dr. Smith via email, messaging, phone & video visits. 

These things are made possible by limiting the number of overall patients through memberships. 

Dr. Smith and Betsy Day (owner at Arkansas Health & Nutrition) believe that face-to-face personal interaction is the most effective way to ensure quality care and more positive outcomes. With these shared philosophies on patient care, having them both on your team for your journey to a healthier you is the perfect combination! 

The deal: 

  • $500 six-month (July 1-Dec 31) Dr. Smith Direct Care membership, including your $200 initial labs & medical visit needed to start the Arkansas Health & Nutrition program 
  • Once you start the Arkansas Health & Nutrition program, classes are $99/month  (30% off $140 price)
  • $35 follow-up labs (after Arkansas Health & Nutrition program) with Dr. Smith

When you sign up with Dr. Smith Direct Care be sure to note that you are also signing up with Arkansas Health and Nutrition Program so that they will give you the discounted price. (Once the initial six months are complete, you will be charged the regular, annual rate—700.00/year or 75/month.)

At Arkansas Health & Nutrition, we understand that diets are for short-term results. For long-term benefits, you must change your lifestyle. We’ll teach you the ins and outs of nutrition, how to change your eating habits, and tips to eat more healthy. Pairing these with services from Dr. Smith Direct Care, you’ll have all the tools and resources necessary for a more healthy and fulfilling life!  

To start your membership with Dr. Smith, go to To start on your weight-loss journey, send us a message at