Fire Damage Restoration

Fires Happen

These can occur either at your home or in the office where you work.

This event can be incredibly traumatic.

This is a task that needs to have a remedy immediately. Removing the fire damage and odor from smoke is very hard. Not to mention that a full fire damage restoration is a very involved and complicated process.

When the work is performed you should use professionals in the field. RES Home Improvements has the fire damage restoration field down packed.

Damage is caused to a home or office when the materials that are commonly used in construction, melt or catch fire. This can create a difficult and time-consuming fir restoration.

Many glue, solvents, and plastics can release harmful toxic gases and leave a smoky residue that is very difficult to clean and should be handled with extreme caution and only by professionals.

At RES Home Improvements, we have a team of trained fire damage restoration professionals that will act fast to help keep any further damage from happening. RES Home Improvements prevents further destruction of your home or office and will restore your home or office that has been damaged by smoke and fire.

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to ask one of our team.


Glue, solvents and plastics

 release toxic gases and leave a smoke residue that can be incredibly difficult to clean and should be handled with extreme caution

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