Don’t Let Yourself Get Into A Cycle

There is NOTHING like booking a spontaneous beach vacation to get yourself re-motivated for weight loss and health!!! I am counting the days and now, also counting my MR with much more scrutiny than I have admittedly been doing. Life has been hard lately and trying to stay on a strict version of a diet has been a stressor for me. BUT, instead of throwing in the towel, I have regrouped and am finally seeing progress again. 

For me, having the MR for breakfast, lunch, and a snack is no problem during the day. The hard part for me is getting home from work and the family wanting to know what’s for dinner. I would sit resenting them for eating a meal while I made my potato soup pizza EVERY SINGLE DAY! I am a creature of habit and tend to get into ruts with my eating and still working on this. I was finding that by the weekend, I was worn out from the week both physically and emotionally that all I wanted was “comfort food”. Thus the gain/loss cycle I have spoken of before continued. 

I realized that something had to change, so this week I decided to allow myself to eat dinner with my family. That meant, a shake for breakfast filled with fresh berries, a shake for lunch which is my traditional chocolate with PB2, and blueberry or chocolate chip muffins for a snack made with the pancake mix and a tbsp. of muffin powder. If I was really having a craving, I would add some more fruit to the day. Then for dinner, we would grill something like chicken or lean turkey burgers and have that with some sort of veggies and salad. I have been amazed with how this has kick started my weight loss again! I feel really satisfied after eating with the family and am not even hungry later in the evening. I have also started walking/jogging in the mornings before work – 6:05 the alarm goes off and I am out the door for 2.5 miles. On the weekends, I do my longer walk/runs at the river. Last week I treated myself to some fancy new running shoes as a reward for sticking to my exercise commitment! 

This week I am back to my pre pandemic quarantine weight! I think that makes a total of 13 pounds down. Yes, I wish I was farther along than I am but I am also recognizing that I am doing the best I can right now. I am proud of the way I have maintained exercise through all of this, making it a priority, and I am proud that I have not gone back to total diet sabotage thinking where one meal off means completely throwing in the towel!!! Changing some of this “all or non” thinking is what I know will help me in the long run maintain healthy habits I am creating.