Social Activities Derailed the Diet

So for the second weekend in a row, my best intentions have been derailed by social activities. Hard as I tried, I just wasn’t able to stick to the plan the way I really wanted to and for some reason, this one frustrates me more than the last. Not that I didn’t have a great time because I most certainly did! But I just know I could be farther along in this journey if I could just not have anything to do for a weekend! 

Ok, so really, the issue isn’t so much that I had something to do, but that I really didn’t do much planning to help myself out. Lesson learned and once again, back on track, which thankfully is easy to do. And, this time it was only 1 day rather than the entire weekend. That’s called looking for the positives!!! All of this travel and interruption of my incredibly good intentions got me thinking about what makes this program work for me and how that might be helpful for anyone reading this and following, or thinking of following, this program. There is no question about it that it does take some serious commitment to change your lifestyle as much as this program promotes. Here is the funny thing though, I am constantly asked “how can you ONLY eat 5 MR a day and nothing else?” It sounds SO extreme when put that way. However, last night around 8:45, I realized I still needed one more MR to get my 5 in for the day. Y’all NEVER in my life have I been one of those people that just “forgets” to eat a meal and yet there I was, thinking, how am I going to get one more in? So yes, it is an extreme from what I was eating before, but there is no question that I am satisfied and absolutely NOT starving! I suppose that is what happens when you eat something that is balanced – carbs and all! 

My Three Pointers for Staying on Your Diet

Ok, so here are the top three pointers that I think have given me such a good start and hopefully will help some others along the way. Whether you are doing the Health One program or something else, I think this can apply. 

1. PLAN! For the love of all things you have got to have a PLAN! I didn’t get overweight by carefully planning my meals. I did that by eating whatever I felt like I wanted at the moment. So yes, it does take some planning, and that shouldn’t be such a problem if you are ready to commit to taking care of yourself. When I say plan, what I mean is prep your meals for the week. Do some baking on Sunday and give yourself access to easy meals when you are in a rush. I use 4 MR at a time making 12 muffins (3 muffins for each MR). This way I can grab a container in the morning to bring with me to work and there is no excuse for not being able to take time to make something at work. I also keep supplies at work so there is no “I forgot to bring my shake” excuse.

2. Give yourself some variety. Unless you are ok being stuck in a dietary hamster wheel, you need some variety in what you are eating. While I am ok with my chocolate MR with a tablespoon of sugar free banana cream pudding mix and PB2 every single morning and lunch, I do need some options for later in the day. That is where the muffins come in for me. I need something to chew and this really takes care of that need for me. Muffins can be made from any of the MR packets but I find that I use vanilla, potato, and now the pancake (if you haven’t tried it oh my gosh you must!) the most. Vanilla will take on any flavor you put with it so be creative! The dry muffin mixes (i.e. Martha White) that are about a $1 a packet are perfect to give some variety. Just a tablespoon of the dry mix, a tsp of baking powder, and a little water is all you need to make your muffins so get creative! 

3. You absolutely have to give yourself some love. Making a change does require some sacrifice and that can be hard. Sometimes you might even be resentful of this “stupid diet” but really, if you break that down, it is probably more about being mad at ourselves for getting to this point in the first place. It does me no good beating myself up for how I may have treated myself in the past. What matters now is how I take care of myself in the present. Right now I choose to drink my shakes, eat my muffins, and know that I am doing something GOOD for me. Last night, I had a conversation with my 18 year old daughter about the difference in being selfish and having self-care. We (especially women) are so wired to think that if we do something for ourselves we are being selfish with our time. It is not selfish to choose to stick with your eating program or choosing to take a walk when you come home from work before you have to cook everyone else dinner! That is self-care and it is so, so, so important! 

I am sure I will add to these tips along the way, but these three are the key for keeping me on track and feeling good about what the difference I am making in my health. I think I forgot last time to set a goal for the week so here is this week’s……my goal is to stay on plan all 7 days. We have nothing planned out of the ordinary so I am hoping that will be easy to meet! And for my weekly win, I was able to wear a size down in my jeans!!!