A Good Majority of Us Work From Home…But What About Working Out?

I started this program on February 18th and have been on it for over 10 weeks. When I started this, the only thing I was worried about interrupting my progress was Mom’s Weekend. Little did I know that a PANDEMIC would hit and all good intentions challenged on the daily! Am I the only feeling stuck in a hamster wheel? All of my best efforts seem to come to a grinding halt by Friday night. 

I am an oncology social worker which on a normal day, is pretty stressful. But add in the current world health crisis, and it feels sometimes so overwhelming with grief and anxiety that even some of the most simple tasks can feel like a mountain in front of me. I am trying so hard to stay on track, to eat my meal replacements, get my exercise in, and drink my water. 

Challenge Your Health Routine

But just like everything else right now, it seems like I am just going through the motions. I wonder if anyone else feels this way? I realized that I have got to shake things up both with my eating and with my fitness. I LOVE my daily walks and have really increased my endurance and time, but I know that I also need to work on some toning and strength. So with that idea, I have been hitting the Pinterest boards and finding some workouts that seem doable given my back issues. No high impact stuff for me, but there is still a lot I can do. I found one that I think will work and it goes in circuits, which I really like because it makes time FLY! Circuits are short but you repeat them so just when you think that’s it, I am DONE, it is over and you get to do a rest in-between.  

This is the one I am working on this week in addition to my walking. My walks are as much about my fitness as my emotional health so that has to keep occurring. Here is how the circuit works….do the warmup, then do circuit #1, rest a few seconds, circuit #2, rest, circuit #3, rest then repeat the circuits again, rest, circuits again for a total of three rotations. Makes sense? Overall it is a good full body workout that got my heart rate up and my arms shaking! It will be interesting to see how I progress through this. 

The Home Workout

Warm Up:  

30 seconds arm circles 

60 second march in place 

30 seconds knee to the elbow 

 60 seconds march in place 

Circuit #1 

10 wall squats 

 10 push ups 

10 seated leg lifts 

10 crunches 

 Circuit #2 

2 min march in place 

10 squats 

20 sec plank 

15 calf raises on each leg 

20 sec plank

Circuit #3 

2 min march in place 

10 tricep dips

 10 crunches

 10 hip thrusters