Less food on your plate equals less food you eat

Do you eat until you feel full or even stuffed? If so, portion sizes could be very helpful to you. The less that’s on your plate in front of you equates into less food that you consume. It’s a human nature thing, and overcoming it is easier than you might think.  

Portion sizes appear to be out of your control in many cases. Products are  sold in large portion sizes, and plates at restaurants are often overflowing. You can consume too many calories if you’re not aware of the tools available to you that help. I recently read this article, Large portion sizes at restaurants found to be a global problem. It’s a problem around the world, and hard to avoid. 

But this doesn’t mean you have to stop eating out at your favorite restaurants. Simply ask for a to-go container when you order, and put half of the food on your plate in the container before you begin eating. The same concept can be applied at home with those large servings. I personally have some of our home meals delivered by one of the well-known services. Cook everything included in the meal, and immediately put half into a leftover container. You’ll eat less at a time, and have another entire meal taken care of. Less work, more benefit!  

Controlling portion sizes is a hot topic in Arkansas Health & Nutrition’s Foundations class. We offer many more tips and share our own experiences, as well as those of past clients. Interested in starting our program or want more information? Contact us and we’ll give you the details! 

— Linda Meyers
Blogger & Client