Setting New Rules For Weight Loss

I did it…..I actually weighed in! I put on my mask, met Betsy in the office, and stepped on the scale for the first time (officially) since the pandemic hit. I was EXACTLY, to the .6 lb, the same weight as my last official weigh in and I 100% consider that a victory!!!! I am preaching to the choir by saying, trying to diet in an endless state of fear, uncertainty, and isolation, is freaking hard! I am laser focused now and ready to keep the scale moving.

This is truly is a lifestyle change and I know that sounds really cliché. But, I have found that if I don’t start looking at the bigger picture, I will not be able to lose the weight and more importantly, keep it off. So through this process I have made some non-negotiables with myself and I think that has helped tremendously.

Notice, these are not punishments or strict “rules” for eating; this is how I will take care of me! 

  1. Every single day I will get at least 10,000 steps in (my family knows I am not quite at my steps when they hear me marching around the house before getting into bed!).
  2. I will make every effort to get up every morning during the week and go walk the neighborhood before work (setting my clothes out the night before makes all the difference!).
  3. I will not miss out on family events and celebrations.
  4. I will eat dinner with my family which helps model for them how to eat a healthy but satisfying meal and also keeps me connected with them. 
  5. I will enjoy a glass of wine on the deck with my husband from time to time and not feel guilty about it! 

Setting these boundaries for myself has given me the mental jolt I needed to start making progress again. When we live in a deprivation mindset and constantly tell ourselves “no”, we only end up sabotaging later. In the words of Betsy, it’s time to put down the club I have been beating myself with! Think about what is important to you and what you can truly commit to.